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VINITECH国际葡萄酒酿造、葡萄栽培设备技术展诞生于1977年,目前每两年(偶数年)在法国波尔多举办,展期3天。VINITECH SIFEL主要向葡萄酒酿造、葡萄栽培、果蔬领域的业内人士展示行业内最新技术成果,是一个高质量、高水准的贸易交流平台。Vintech展会覆盖了整个葡萄酒生产链:种植、生产技术、物流仓储、包装和服务培训,是世界葡萄酒酿造行业规模最大、最专业的展会之一。

VINITECH, started in 1977, is now held every two years (even years) in Bordeaux, France, for three days. VINITECH SIFEL is a high-level trade exchange platform that mainly presents the latest technological achievements in the industry to players of wine making, viticulture, fruit and vegetables. VINITECH covers entire wine production chain: cultivation, production technology, logistics and storage, packaging and service training, and is one of the largest and most professional exhibitions in the world wine making industry.


Bordeaux Expo Center, France
Booth Number: E3204

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