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在过去的20年里,随着客户积极寻求功能性食品来满足他们的营养挑战,从抗氧化剂到抗过敏剂,从减少脂肪到运动营养和健康老化,配料行业已经发生了显著的变化。欧洲食物配料展(Fi Europe)由欧洲UBM集团公司主办,是业界关于食物及健康配料最高层次的职业国际盛会。

Over the past 20 years, the ingredients industry has evolved significantly with customers actively seeking functional foods to meet their nutritional challenges, from antioxidants to anti-allergens, and fat reduction to sports nutrition and healthy aging. Health ingredients (Hi) Europe & Natural ingredients (Ni) has been a powerhouse in the industry for over 20 years, offering you the best business opportunities in a growing market.


Paris Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
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